Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Commercial Umbrella Insurance Coverages

Owning a business comes with risks and uncertainties. As a business owner, it is always a wise choice to take the steps needed to protect your business assets. 

When you invest in insurance, you never really think anything extreme could happen. However, it is never worth the risk to find out. One claim to your business could tear your business down when you don’t have the right insurance coverage. Your existing liability coverage might not be enough to cover a devastating claim.

Could your current coverage pay for the huge sum of bills that would add up from a customer tripping and breaking their leg in your business? If not, you might need Commercial Umbrella Coverage. Commercial Umbrella Coverage goes above and beyond basic business liability insurance to manage situations just like that.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Getting Started with Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Any business, big or small, can be affected by an awful claim if they aren’t protected. Through Shurr Insurance, we want to guarantee that you won’t have to worry if the “what-if’s” become reality. Avoid any catastrophic events. Call us or fill out our free quote form today!

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