General Liability Insurance

When you have your own business, it is mandatory that you have coverage to protect your assets from any unfortunate events. Our agency offers your local business this insurance package at an affordable price.

General Liability Insurance is crucial. It takes one hard claim to your business to be financially destroyed when you don’t follow through the procedures of gaining coverage. Don’t make that mistake. At Shurr, we want to make it simple and guarantee your company is protected.

Coverage from General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance covers the basics of what needs to be in safe hands for your business. 

A few situations you can expect General Liability Insurance to cover:

  • Lawsuits, investigations, and settlements
  • Injury and property damages
  • Advertising/Copyright claims

General Liability is a requirement to safely run your business. Many times companies will require you to show them a certificate of insurance before you can do work for them. This proves to them that you have active insurance coverage, which is typically a requirement if you’re running a business in most states.

General liability insurance in construction business

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Make this process as easy as it can be by going through Shurr Insurance. Our agents will guide you through the process, and offer you the ideal quote to secure your business. Reach out on our free quote form today!

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