Cedar Lake is Sure of Shurr!

Right by the border of Illinois is a town called Cedar Lake, Indiana. Located in Lake County, Cedar Lake is the perfect place for a family who enjoys spending time outside. Near the center of town is Indiana’s largest natural lake where you can enjoy a day at the beach or spend your evening on the water with Cedar Lake Sunset Cruises. By the lake there are many restaurants, such as The Lighthouse, where you can enjoy a delicious meal with the picturesque view of the water. The Museum at Lassens Resort is another notable attraction of Cedar Lake where you can learn about the history of the town! 

If you’re a Cedar Lake resident or business looking for a trustworthy insurance agency, look no further than Shurr!

Shurr Insurance Is About More Than Just Business

Cedar Lake is such a beautiful town to call home. Whether you are ready to call this town home or if you are interested, Shurr Insurance is perfect for you. Shurr is the longest family runned insurance company in Northwest Indiana. With a family based work environment, we will treat you like family too. From personal and business insurance, to senior insurance, we handle it all. The Shurr Insurance promise is to look out for you and make you feel comforted and protected in your hometown.

Cedar Lake Insurance

Be a Part of the Shurr Family

Lake towns like Cedar Lake are a great place to start the business you’ve been thinking of. Shurr Insurance has all of your needs covered, from your business property to workers compensation, Shurr is here to help you keep your business up and running. We don’t only want to protect your business, we want to protect you and your family. We offer insurance from your house, your vehicles, all the way to umbrella insurance covering any and all of your needs. 

We are ready to greet you at the door! You may also contact us by giving us a call at (219) 462-1146 or filling out our contact form. We can’t wait for you to join the Shurr family!