Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare Advantage Plan Coverages

When someone becomes eligible for Medicare, unless they are covered by a group plan of some kind, they have three options — Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C), and Medicare Supplement.

Medicare Advantage is an alternative to the government issued “Original Medicare” program, and is administered by private insurance companies, not the government. With this option, you are still required to carry Part A and/or Part B.

Medicare Advantage plans may combine the hospital, medical, and prescription drug coverages into one plan. This means if you are in a Medicare Advantage plan, you will have one identification card.

Medicare Advantage plans are different from Original Medicare in many ways, including pricing, coverage levels, co-insurance, deductibles and more. There are also special rules surrounding Medicare Advantage plans.

It’s critical that you get thorough and unbiased advice when it comes to choosing between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage.

Medicare advantage plan

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