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November 23, 2022

The Importance of Quality Business Insurance

business insurance

Your business isn’t just a business. It’s a passion project and a direction for the future. Whether you have ten employees or a hundred, business insurance can keep your business running, protect your workers and customers, and even give you room to grow. Below, the expert team at Shurr Insurance explores four reasons your business needs quality insurance.

4 Reasons Your Business Needs Quality Insurance

Business insurance covers more than you’d think

When we think about business insurance, we usually consider basic coverage for things like buildings and workers’ comp. But quality business insurance is comprehensive and covers everything your business might need. For example, commercial auto insurance protects your company’s work vehicles and workers on the road. Contractors’ insurance covers contract workers, like repair people, HVAC and even graphic designers. This type of business insurance coverage ensures you can focus on your work and worry less about liability, damages, errors or other issues that might arise. 

Business insurance keeps your workers safer

Your workers are the backbone of your business. They ensure products are made and distributed on time, keep buildings up to code and so much more. By keeping them safe, you’re keeping your business strong. Workers’ compensation insurance protects them – and you – in case of an injury or accident. In addition to workers’ comp, your business’s property and auto insurance also keep them safe.

Business insurance can ensure your business’s longevity

As your business grows to meet the demands of today’s customers and stakeholders, you’ll need coverage that ensures your business keeps growing. For example, consider what might happen to your business if there’s a fire and you’re uninsured. You could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, and your business might struggle to recover from the costs. But with comprehensive, quality business insurance, your business will be able to focus on what really matters: getting back to your work and customers.

Business insurance protects you online, too

Business is evolving, with more purchases and transactions occurring online than ever before. So chances are, your business has some type of online component. Unfortunately, as more personal information is transmitted online, more data breaches are occurring, too. That means cyber liability protection is essential for your business. Cyber liability insurance can help you recover compromised data and restore your customers’ information. Not only does this cover you legally, but it can also help your customers feel more confident about your business, which helps them return to your services after the fact.

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